Hi people of the world I am back at again for you all for another blog post. I will be talking about gratitude what I am thankful for. I am thankful for my parents, my brothers and my whole entire family.  I am thankful for my friends. I am thankful for what I have in my house. I am really thankful for going on trip when the corona virus is going on. I’m thankful for my parents letting me go to DA and playing baseball and basketball. That’s all from me thanks.


Kobe Bryant

I am reading the book Kobe.  It is about his life, his basketball career, and his family life. I like this book so much because he was such an inspirational person to me because he would grind every single day. I was really sad when I heard the news that he died.  You should read this book because  this book is really inspirational. It talks about NBA championships, kids, and his wife.  I think he is the best basketball player from this book. It talks about how he got the name  the Mamba.  That’s all from me. You should really check this book out on Sora.

What I Smell

I smell a lot  of pizza because whenever my mom makes pizza or we get pizza I usually  smell it  when my mom makes pizza. I smell a lot of foods when my mom makes it but whenever we get Chick-fil-A and my mom and dads back from getting it I smell right away.  I think this is the reason I really like pizza  and that’s why I can smell it. Let’s  not talk about pizza, let’s talk about food in general.  I can kind of smell ice cream. I can smell strawberry really well.  That’s all from me. Thanks bye

Sam’s Baseball Season

Hi, it’s Sam again. Hello. I will be talking about my historic season with my baseball team last year. So I got picked to the Chicago Cubs (not the real Cubs) in South Durham Little League. Our team was so bad at the beginning of the season our record was 0-9 then we beat the Orioles then I’m pretty sure we won almost every single game after that. So we were playing the 2 best teams first game of the playoffs vs the White Sox. They had the fastest and hardest pitcher. There was 5 people who got hit by the pitcher. I pitched like 3 or 4 innings I think I did good and the game went to nine innings and we play like 6 innings. I forget what the score was but I knew that we won the game.

Then we played the Tigers, the best team and I pitched like 4 innings or so. I got replaced for the a different pitcher and I was at shortstop. If we got 3 outs that inning we would have won that game and we won. After the game we got pizza.

Now it was the championship and I pitched 4 innings. I don’t remember the score but then I got replaced for a different pitcher and if we got three  outs we would have won the championship and that’s what we did.  Now we play in the Meyers cup. The Meyers  Cup is basically when the North Durham Little League champions play the South Durham Little League  for their division. So, I pitched 4 innings and then I got replaced in the 4th inning. I got replaced by a kid named Wyatt and he is so good at hitting because he got like 2 home runs. Then we won!! And basically  if you win the Meyers Cup you basically go somewhere with your team I forget where but you go around and you celebrate with people. We got two trophies, 1 for the Meyers Cup, 2 for the South Durham Little League championship.

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